[ki:p] 1. past tense, past participle - kept; verb
1) (to have for a very long or indefinite period of time: He gave me the picture to keep.) obdržati
2) (not to give or throw away; to preserve: I kept the most interesting books; Can you keep a secret?) obdržati (zase)
3) (to (cause to) remain in a certain state or position: I keep this gun loaded; How do you keep cool in this heat?; Will you keep me informed of what happens?) imeti, (vz)držati
4) (to go on (performing or repeating a certain action): He kept walking.) nadaljevati
5) (to have in store: I always keep a tin of baked beans for emergencies.) imeti na zalogi
6) (to look after or care for: She keeps the garden beautifully; I think they keep hens.) skrbeti za, rediti
7) (to remain in good condition: That meat won't keep in this heat unless you put it in the fridge.) držati se
8) (to make entries in (a diary, accounts etc): She keeps a diary to remind her of her appointments; He kept the accounts for the club.) voditi
9) (to hold back or delay: Sorry to keep you.) zadrževati
10) (to provide food, clothes, housing for (someone): He has a wife and child to keep.) vzdrževati
11) (to act in the way demanded by: She kept her promise.) držati
12) (to celebrate: to keep Christmas.) praznovati
2. noun
(food and lodging: She gives her mother money every week for her keep; Our cat really earns her keep - she kills all the mice in the house.) oskrba; stanovanje in hrana
- keeping
- keep-fit
- keepsake
- for keeps
- in keeping with
- keep away
- keep back
- keep one's distance
- keep down
- keep one's end up
- keep from
- keep going
- keep hold of
- keep house for
- keep house
- keep in
- keep in mind
- keep it up
- keep off
- keep on
- keep oneself to oneself
- keep out
- keep out of
- keep time
- keep to
- keep something to oneself
- keep to oneself
- keep up
- keep up with the Joneses
- keep watch
* * *
I [ki:p]
history osrednji grajski stolp, trdnjava, temnica; življenjske potrebščine, oskrba, stanovanje in hrana, vzdrževanje; paša, krma; military utrdba, reduta; plural igra, pri kateri zmagovalec obdrži dobitek
to play for keeps — igrati za dobitek
slang for keeps — za vedno
to earn one's keep — preživljati se, zaslužiti za vsakdanji kruh
II [ki:p]
transitive verb
držati, obdržati, ohraniti, zadržati; držati se (zakona, navade); vztrajati, obdržati se; zadrževati koga; vzdrževati, čuvati, varovati, podpirati; nadzirati, na skrbi imeti, skrbeti za; imeti, voditi (trgovino), upravljati (šolo), imeti (sejo); imeti v zalogi; voditi (knjige, račune); praznovati, obhajati (praznik); imeti, gojiti (čebele, konje itd.);
intransitive verb
ostati (doma, v postelji); počutiti se (he ŋs well); držati se, ne kvariti se (hrana, vreme); kar naprej kaj delati (she ŋs smiling); colloquially stanovati (where do you keep?)
to keep an appointment — držati se zmenka
commerce we don't keep this article — tega artikla nimamo v zalogi
to keep s.o. at arm's length — ne dati komu do sebe
to keep in bread and water — komaj se preživljati
to keep one's balance — obdržati ravnotežje
to keep the ball rolling — ohraniti kaj v teku
to keep body and soul together — životariti
commerce to keep books — voditi knjige
to keep cool — ostati miren
to keep one's counsel — obdržati kaj zase
to keep s.o.'s counsel — varovati tujo skrivnost
to keep a close check on — skrbno nadzirati
to keep in countenance — bodriti koga
to keep one's countenance — ostati resen, zadrževati smeh
to keep clear of — izogniti se česa, čuvati se česa
to keep s.o. company — delati komu družbo
to keep company with — skupaj hoditi, družiti se z
to keep dark — obdržati zase, ne izdati
to keep a diary — voditi dnevnik
to keep one's distance — držati se ob strani
to keep one's end up — braniti svoja načela, opravljati svoje delo
to keep an eye on ( —ali out for) —ali to keep one's eyes open ( —ali skinned) —ali to keep one's weather eye lifted — imeti odprte oči, budno paziti
to keep the field — vztrajati, ne se umakniti
to keep one's feet — obdržati se na nogah
to keep a straight face — zadrževati smeh
to keep friends — ostati v prijateljstvu
to keep guard — stražiti
to keep (a) guard over s.o. — čuvati koga
sport to keep (the) goal — biti vratar, čuvati gol
God keep you! — bog te varuj!
to keep going — ohraniti kaj v teku
to keep s.o. going — komu (denarno) pomagati; ohraniti koga pri življenju
to keep the game alive — ohraniti v teku
to keep one's ground — ne popustiti, vztrajati, ostati čvrst
to keep early ( —ali good) hours — prihajati zgodaj domov, hoditi zgodaj spat
to keep bad ( —ali late) hours — prihajati pozno domov, hoditi pozno spat
to keep one's hand in — ne priti iz vaje
to keep one's head — ne izgubiti glave, ostati miren
to keep one's head above water — ne zaiti v dolgove
to keep house — vzdrževati družino, gospodinjiti
to keep open house — biti gostoljuben, sprejemati goste ob vsakem času
to keep hold of — ne puščati iz rok
to keep in good health — ostati pri dobrem zdravju
to keep a good look-out — budno opazovati, paziti
to keep s.o. for lunch — zadržati koga pri kosilu
to keep a stiff upper lip — ne izgubiti poguma
to keep the law — držati se zakona
to keep in mind — zapomniti si
to keep one's nose to the grindstone — neprestano garati
to keep pace ( —ali step) with — iti v korak, ne zaostajati
to keep peace between — obdržati mir med
to keep the peace — držati se reda
American to keep plugging along — kar naprej garati
to keep s.o. posted ( —ali advised, informed, up to date) — stalno koga obveščati
to keep the pot boiling — životariti, komaj se prebijati
to keep one's pecker up — ne izgubiti poguma in odločnosti
to keep good relations with s.o. — ostati s kom v dobrih odnosih
to keep a record of — voditi zapise o čem
to keep in good repair — ohraniti v dobrem stanju
to keep sight of — imeti kaj pred očmi, misliti na
to keep the stage — obdržati se na odru
to keep straight on — iti naravnost naprej
to keep in suspense — pustiti koga v negotovosti; commerce imeti v evidenci (nerešeno zadevo)
to keep time — držati se takta
to keep good time — biti točen (ura)
to keep track of — zasledovati (dogodke), biti na tekočem
to keep one's temper — zadržati se, ne razburjati se
American to keep tabs on — nadzirati, budno spremljati (dogodke), zapomniti si
to keep in touch with — ostati s kom v stikih
to keep together — biti složen, držati skupaj
to keep one's word — držati besedo
to keep watch (over, on) — stražiti koga, oprezovati za kom
to keep the wolf from the door — komaj se preživljati

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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